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Values & Behavioral Assessment

Priviscan conduct surveys with Leaders and Natural Working Teams to assess the alignment of Personal Values with the Current Culture and Desired Culture Values. Our Values Assessment will allow your organisation to discover its level of cultural congruency and the impact on your “Bottom Line”. We are licensed with the Barret Values Center in the USA and in the UK.

Change Management & OD Support

Our change management support is based on cutting edge OD principals (e.g. Appreciative Inquiry, Social Constructionism, etc.) and aims to develop and align strategies for the effective implementation and sustainability of transformation with a strong focus on transferring skills to ensure embedding with internal capacity and to create sustainability.

Diversity Management

Priviscan has developed a range of Diversity programmes that will assist your organisation:

  1. to create an enabling environment based on respect and understanding of different individuals and diverse groups;
  2. taking the diversity conversation to a critical level that challenges stereotypes and prejudice as well as it’s manifestation in behavior;
  3. to discover the relationship between emotional intelligence and the impact on diversity
  4. understanding diversity in the global context and the business case for the global diversity challenges;

All programmes focus on diversity consciousness on an integrated level including: Intra-personal, Inter-personal, Team system, Organisational and Customer.

360 Degree Assessment

Our multi-rater survey (360-degree assessment) is a method of systematically collecting opinions about an individual’s performance from a wide range of co-workers. The benefit of collecting data of this kind is that the person gets to see a panorama of perceptions (rather than just self-perception), which affords a more complete picture. Our 360-degree assessment intervention is a valuable complement to a conventional top-down performance appraisal system. It also helps to identify development needs, and align individual goals with overall strategic objectives.

Values Driven Leadership (VDL)

Priviscan will customise a comprehensive behavioral/values alignment change intervention based on the outcomes of our values assessment and your organisation’s Vision and Business Strategy. Our customised VDL processes will provide significant improvement on peoples’ accountability and your organisation’s productivity and bottom-line (references can be provided to support this reality).

Legal & Forensic Audit of HR Policy

Priviscan’s legal team has a proven track record in forensic /legal auditing of HR policies and procedures for compliance with relevant legislation and to ensure that all policies are implementable. Our approach is consultative and inclusive in nature and will determine any gap between policy and practice and provide effective strategies to close the gaps.

Organisational & Climate Surveys

Priviscan has developed auditing tools that measure staff’s perceptions of all areas of business in terms of the success and areas for improvement of the Organisational Culture, Climate, Effectiveness and Values.

Strategic Planning

Priviscan’s Strategic Planning approach focus on; buy-in and creating a sense of ownership through transparency, inclusiveness and participation. Our approach is based on: System-wide process, Values based, Behavioral science knowledge, Improving effectiveness etc. We use the 5D Appreciative Inquire methodology to support our approach.

Mentorship & Succession Planning

Transformation requires that an organisation mentors and supports employees under conditions that are conducive. For this relationship to work, Priviscan has developed a process that requires, both mentors and mentees to be empowered with the knowledge and attitude to ensure that the relationship is mutually beneficial and sustainable.

Building Effective Teams

Our Team Building programme is best suited for natural working teams; the emphasis is on assessing the individual and team (Belbin Assessment and Others) and cultivating a climate that ensures effective functioning and increased productivity of the team. The workshop’s approach is based on principles of joint problem solving, consensus decision-making, effective handling of team conflict and effective management of differences.

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